Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Convo Redux

We thought it would be nice to re-visit conversations with artists that photograph in colder climates. There is something magical about snow.

Erika Larsen, the recipient of the first WIPNYC grant, who exploresthe symbiosis of hunting and nature. Re-visit our conversation with Erika Larsen conversation by clicking here.

After The Wolves, from the series 'The Hunt', © Erika Larsen

Lisa M. Robinson photographs our world in context with nature. In her photograph the snow works like a frame, drawing the viewers attention to the center and the simple marvels observed. Re-visit our conversation with Lisa M. Robinson by clicking here.

Wish ©Lisa M. Robinson

Camilla Seaman captures the overwhelming beauty and power of our natural world. She has said that she approaches photographing icebergs like photographing an elder. There is no separation, everything is connected. Re-visitour conversation with Camilla Seaman by clicking here.

from the series The Last Iceberg © Camille Seaman

Tema Stauffer is a storyteller. Her winter landscapes are quiet and peaceful and one can feel the crisp and cleansing winter air in her photographs. Tema recently curated a selection of photographs for Culturehall titled: Winter. You can find it by clicking here, and you can re-visit our conversation with Tema Stauffer by clicking here.

Front Yard, 2003 ©Tema Stauffer

Céline Clanet has been photographing the Sami in the Arctic Circle. She has a keen eye for details and atmosphere. Her imagery captures the magical realism of Sampi. You can re-visit our conversation with Céline Clanet by clicking here.

Looking for the Lost Reindeer, 2005 - from "Máze" series, © Céline Clanet

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