Sunday, December 27, 2009

Call for Entries from INDECISIVE MOMENT

from Indecisive Moment:

INDECISIVE MOMENT invites you to submit your work to our next show, Windows and Mirrors.

Windows and Mirrors is a group exhibition that will consist of installations incorporating one video and one photograph from each participating artist in the windows of the 25CPW gallery. The exhibition seeks to illuminate the symbiotic relationship that these media have for many artists who choose to work with both.

The exhibition will be January 25th - February 7th, 2010


Please submit your work by January 6th, 2010

We are looking for artists who work in both photography and video to submit work.One video and one photograph by each artist will be exhibited, but please feel free to submit as many pieces as you would like. Video pieces will be shown without sound, on a DVD player hooked up to a TV monitor. We ask that all artists be prepared to supply their own DVD players and TV monitors, though we will be able to help find extra equipment if necessary. Instead of a an opening party, we will instead host an event during the exhibition in which all artists included will have their work screened, images projected, and will have a chance to introduce themselves and their work, with a reception to follow.

please email all entries to:

please include:

-your full name and contact info

-short statement about work submitted, connection between your photography and video

-photography: email in jpeg format, less than 1MB

-video: e-mail links if your work is available online or you may also use yousendit or any other file transfer program (available online for free).

-optional artist statement and CV

Windows and Mirrors is a continuation of a series of events organized byINDECISIVE MOMENT which was founded by artists Hyla Skopitz and Teresa Christiansen with the intention of bringing video art to the public eye, in perhaps unconventional means, on their own terms. Indecisive Moment began as the title of the first screening Indecisive Moment: Photographers Using Video, in August 2009 at Hendershot Gallery in New York City. Though film screenings are common, the format is an unusual way to present video art. The artists chosen to participate are all photographers working with video. The event was a means to initiate the conversation about why many contemporary photographers see so much potential in video and where to locate this work within the context and history of film, photography, performance, and the conceptual art of the sixties and seventies.

about 25CPW gallery: Located at 25 Central Park West in Manhattan, 25CPW is an artist run alternative space which provides the opportunity for artists, curators, writers, and educators to engage with each other while simultaneously reaching out to neighborhood residents and the general public. Housed in a donated vacant storefront, 25CPW is a unique space for experimentation, exploration and conversation.

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