Saturday, December 5, 2009

Go-Go Gadget: Get it straight

Perfectly straight that is. For those of you who find yourselves taking multiple shots in order to eliminate slanted, sloping and tilted photos, the Level Camera Cube can help you get it straight with the first shot. For all you professional photographers, this probably isn't an essential piece of gear to have in your camera bag. However, I can see how it could be useful when using a tripod. It could definitely save some time in figuring out what length each leg needs to be to make a straight photo. If you're not using a tripod, and you're looking through the viewfinder to snap your pic, then I think you're out of luck... unless you have another set of eyes on the top of your head (my mom always insisted that she had a pair on the back of her head, but that wouldn't work in this situation) making sure all the bubbles line up.

via Photojojo

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