Friday, November 14, 2008

Slide Fest- Places

From ICP:

The use of photography as a means to document the connections between an individual and a place is a guiding principal for five Russian-born photographers-Sasha Bezzubov, Stanislav Ginzburg, Yola Monakhov, Masha Sha, and Yyuliya Lanina- who now work in New York. Russians have always been noted for their strong and complex ties to the land of their birth. These artists address that legacy as well as their feelings for the new land they call home. In the pieces to be shown, artists will be seen working to find their place in a new world. Each artist's search inspires a new look that opens the viewer's horizon, whether within the specifics of geography or the relationship between the photographer and the subject. MODERATOR: Yulia Tikhonova, curator and writer

Slide Fest- Places
November 14 | Friday | 7:00–9:00 pm
School at ICP, 1114 Avenue of the Americas

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