Monday, November 24, 2008

On Photography Collectives & Thank you

Joerg Colberg blogged about Photography Collectives today. It is an interesting post and made me think about Nymphoto's efforts and history.

Nymphoto was conceived because we saw a need to help promote women artists but also because we all yearned for community and support (particularly after the loss of structure that comes with finishing one's studies and leaving the academic environment).
Running a collective is not easy. Especially in New York. New York, where everything is expensive, where no one has enough time, where there are a multitude of legal obstacles, where everyone has an opinion and where everyone is happy to criticize and where sometimes people even are happy to belittle or undermine one's efforts. But New York is still a great center for creativity and culture and so New York based Nymphoto soldiers on.
Cara Phillips wrote about her experience of creating & running Women In Photography (also New York based) in her blog post titled "Risk & Reward" (June 6, 2008) and in it she explains how much effort goes into something that might look effortless to others.
Nymphoto continuous to grow. And 2008 promises to be a great year for Nymphoto. And in the spirit of this holiday week, I just wanted to thank my cohorts at Nymphoto and applaud all others out there supporting us and one another: THANK YOU!


Brea Souders said...

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, interviews, events, and artwork with us. I always look forward to reading your updates. You are a tireless and inspiring group of women!

Andy Adams said...

I couldn't agree more! Since stumbling upon Nymphoto a few months ago, it's become one of my daily reads. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in store for 2008.


nina corvallo said...

Thank you again for your support! It means a lot to all of us :)