Monday, November 17, 2008

Deborah Willis in Conversation with Hank Willis Thomas at Aperture

In case you missed Deborah Willis & Hank Willis Thomas' lecture at Aperture, you can catch it here:

courtesy Aperture, Free Live Streaming Ustream


Rona Chang said...

Thanks for posting this. Great conversation. It is always good to hear an artist describe his process as Hank did when figuring out what to make when he got to grad school, and how he dealt with his cousin Songha's death.

Claire Pia said...

Check out a profile of Hank Willis Thomas done by FLYP media. It includes a number of examples of his work as well as interview video clips.

nina corvallo said...

I first met Deborah Willis when she came to guest lecture at Tisch.
She made an incredible impression on me. I highly recommend looking through some of her work and the books that she has edited, such as the incredible "Picturing Us".
Deb Willis is a great role model. She has done it all : she is an accomplished artist, a curator, an editor, a pioneer, socially engaged,caring, generous and on top of that all she raised a wonderful son.