Monday, September 15, 2008

II Amerika @ ICP : Tina Markova-Gold, Alice Dison, Christina Oaige & Many More

If you missed the opening reception of II Amerika at ICP Friday, you can still see the show featuring great work by photographers like Tiana Markova-Gold through October 12, 2008.
More about the exhibit below:

Education Gallery: 1114 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street

Hours: Monday–Sunday, 10:00 am–6:00 pm

Conceived through informal meetings between graduates of ICP's Full-Time programs and members of the ICP community, this collection showcases the personal vision of a diverse group of photographers free from the constraints of the commercial and editorial market. It brings together the work of 24 photographers and represents a broad social commentary on the United States at this pivotal moment in the country's history.

The photographers in this collection exemplify the cross-cultural nature of America. While living here—whether American-born, immigrant, or just passing through—each one represents a facet of this diverse society and has a unique take on its culture. There is more here than just a geographical link; each photograph in some way addresses the nature of American life. These pictures are grounded in a particular reality unique to this country, a 'New Americana' if you like.

Regarding the collection, Robert Stevens, former international photo editor at TIME and current ICP faculty member, identifies the notion that: "America, truth be told, is fractured into a thousand pieces. But it couldn’t be anything else."

Originally premiered as part of Bushwick Open Studios in June 2008, this exhibition—II AMERIKA—further expands upon the themes and issues addressed in the original, showcasing a broader spectrum of work and delving deeper into the nation's psyche. Though it would be a mistake to suggest this is a comprehensive review, there is here the making of a statement about where the country is today.

If America is a democratic idea, then Amerika is the social reality. These photographers live and breathe its air, they explore its people and its landscapes. They photograph what they find and their discoveries give us a better idea of the State of the Union than any Presidential address ever could. And to that, attention must be paid.

Curators: Nicolas Silberfaden, Deidre Schoo, Tom White
Project Coordinator: Lucy Helton

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