Monday, September 22, 2008

Karolina Karlic in Minnesota

Karolina Karlic will be showing a series of photographs from her "Dear Diary" series in a two-person show at the Independent Feature Project now through November 8.

From the press release:

Intrigued by the motivations of those that post Internet classifieds through “Missed Connections” on Craig’s List, Karolina Karlic sought out the posters to create her images. Perhaps by helping to complete their need for connection she was able to draw them into collaboration to make photographs of vulnerability and longing in our contemporary world of impersonal Internet communication.

Independent Feature Project
"The Longing"
featuring: Josh Quigley and Karolina Karlic
September 19th – November 8th, 2008
2446 University Ave. West
Saint Paul, MN

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