Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meera Margaret Singh's Nightingale opens today

Invite courtesy of Meera Margaret Singh

Meera Margaret Singh’s MFA thesis exhibition, entitled Nightingale, opens tonight at Les Territoires gallery in Montreal, 4pm.

Les Territoires
372 Ste-Catherine St. W #527, Montreal
Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12-5
September 10-30, 2008

“So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and the thorn touched her heart, and a fierce pang of pain shot through her. Bitter, bitter was the pain, and wilder and wilder grew her song, for she sang of the Love that is perfected by Death…”
-Oscar Wilde, The Nightingale and the Rose

Meera Margaret Singh’s most recent work, Nightingale, is a series of still and moving images of her mother. Harking back to literary and artistic symbolism, the nightingale often appears as a metaphor for both love and loss. As the protagonist in a narrative of human fragility and tenacity, Singh’s mother embodies the twin impulses of living and dying. With Nightingale, Singh explores the inescapable reality of age and loss and the beauty made acute by this inevitability.

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