Friday, August 22, 2008

Michal Chelbin

The talented Michal Chelbin just came out with a newly published monograph, Strangely Familiar: Acrobats, Athletes, and Other Traveling Troupes, available to purchase on Aperture.

From her artist statement:

Most of the people I photograph have something in common; they are not the mainstream, and many of them are small town performers (For example, they could be dwarfs in a theatre play, ball room dancers or young contortionists). I try to photograph my subjects dislocated from their performing environment and set in casual settings, off stage: at home, on the street or in a park. Some of them with their costumes and others wear everyday cloths. I try to create a seemingly private moment, one where they are not performing or on stage. The main themes in my work are not social or topical, but private and mythical; I search for people who have a legendary quality in them; a mix between odd and ordinary.

She is also participating in a solo show at the Andrea Meislin Gallery.

Michal Chelbin
Andrea Meislin Gallery
Strangely Familiar
September 4 - October 18, 2008

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nina corvallo said...

i love this work, great atmosphere in every picture.