Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nina Buesing for NY Times

Our own Nina Buesing has a portrait photograph of Azazel Jacob's “Momma’s Man" featured in today's issue of New York Times.

AZAZEL JACOBS’S “Momma’s Man,” a film about a grown son’s fraught homecoming, is also a literal home movie, starring his own parents and shot in the TriBeCa loft where he grew up. When Mr. Jacobs, 35, started writing the script, he was thinking about the familiar indulgences of a return to the nest. “You wake up and there’s coffee waiting, and you ask yourself why you ever left,” he said. But he soon became more interested in the murky flip side to those family comforts: the feeling of regression and disorientation. “Some mornings,” he added, “you wake up and you don’t even know what year it is.”

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melanie said...

I'm loving that both Nina & Aza got some play in the NYTimes!