Saturday, January 2, 2010

Go-Go Gadget: Is this the future?

I remember when I was young thinking that 2010 sounded sooooo futuristic. The hover-cars, pills that turned into an entire meal when you added water, robot butlers... Well, needless to say, I have no robot, and I don't even have a car that drives with wheels, let alone does any hovering. However, this may be the future of DSLRs:

The Nova DSLR concept has two movable handles allowing for multiple hand-holding positions and buttons conveniently located by your fingertips. Conceptualized by Erica Fong, this seems to be pretty innovative, seeing that up to this point, DSLRs have been mostly similar to their old-school cousins, minus the film of course. Go girl innovation!

via Engadget


Juliana said...

Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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