Monday, August 17, 2009

Thursday: Indecisive Moment: Photographers Using Video

film still from In Sospensione, 2007 © Barbara Bulletti Newman

film still from Birthday Party, 2008 © Kanako Okazaki

Indecisive Moment: Photographers Using Video

A one-night event
Thursday August 20th
Screening begins promptly at 7pm, reception to follow

Hendershot Gallery
547 West 27th street, suite 632
between tenth and eleventh avenue (in the same building as Aperture)

Please RSVP:

Artists in the sixties and seventies began to exploit the medium of photography and its innate ability to tell the truth in order to explore identity, performativity, institutional critique, and to comment on the role of media in the age of information. Photography as a means of aesthetic self-expression and capturing decisive moments gave way to a more conceptual approach. Likewise, in the past few years artists who normally work within the medium of photography are now turning to video. This screening seeks to initiate a conversation; why does it seem to have become exceedingly difficult for artists to undertake a viable photographic practice unless making work which is in line with a more traditional photography or working in a manner that directly references past photographic masters? Why do many photographers see so much potential in video?

Artists included are Teresa Christiansen, Yi-Ting Chung, Candice Hoeflinger, Allison Kaufman, Thomas Ling, Meggie Miao, Barbara Bulletti Newman, Kanako Okazaki, Stefan Petranek, Jake Selvidio, Hyla Skopitz, Susannah Slocum and Adam Ward.


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Wooo don miss this great opportunity..that will be a great movement for every one..

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