Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tArt at A.I.R. opens tomorrow

tArt at A.I.R.
A.I.R. Gallery
August 1 through August 29, 2009
Opening reception Thursday, August 6th from 6pm to 8pm
Closing reception on Thursday, August 27th from 6pm to 8pm.

tART at AIR includes the work of 35 artists who are part of the tART collective. tART is comprised of 46 emerging women artists nationwide, whose network facilitates dialogue, collaboration, learning and teaching, public engagement, and activism.

This exhibition is, in part, an examination of the Feminist Art Movement's influence on subsequent generations of female artists. While the majority of the work does not reveal feminist content, the exhibition is a cross section of art being made by emerging women artists. The pieces are wide-ranging in genre and materials, not tending towards any specific trend but rather demonstrating the depth and vitality of women artists today. The exhibition is presented “salon” style. The salon tradition provides a rich subject for a contemporary feminist exhibition as it is an inclusive survey of tART members. Historically, “salon style” exhibitions of the 19th Century were surveys of contemporary art that excluded women, minorities and artists working on the fringe.

A.I.R. Gallery and the tART collective are both organizations founded by women with the intention of fostering a strong community and public presence for women in the arts. Both A.I.R. Gallery and tART function as support networks, which continue to strengthen and celebrate women’s roles in the field.

The exhibiting artists are: Liz Ainslie, Jill Auckenthaler, Suzanne Bennett, Monica Carrier, Sydney Chastain-Chapman, Laurie Close, Melissa Cowper-Smith, Ann deVere, Maria Dumlao, Madora Frey, Tara Giannini, Rachael Gorchov, Anna Lise Jensen, Elsie Kagan, Katherine Keltner, Selena Kimball, Essye Klempner, Katy Krantz, Katerina Lanfranco, Lisa Lindgren, Rebecca Loyche, Cybele Lyle, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Ilse Murdock, Danielle Mysliwiec, Asya Reznikov, Susan Ross, Carrie Rubinstein, Nikki Schiro, Yasmin Spiro, Melissa Staiger, Rosemary Taylor, Petra Valentova, and Julia Whitney Barnes. For more information about tART, please visit

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