Sunday, June 14, 2009

Opening Reception: Sacrosant

June 14th-June 21st 2009

St. John's Episcopal American Catholic Church
1610 Lexington Avenue, New York City
Opening Reception: June 14th, 4:30-7:30pm
Closing Reception: June 21st, 5-10pm

From the press release:

Sophie T. Lvoff is pleased to present “Sacrosanct”, a group exhibition dealing with issues of religious resonance and spirituality on view from June 14- June 21.

"Sacrosanct" takes place at a church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The building was built in 1920, and acted as a church from 1941. Since the dissolution of the church body in the 1990's, the space has been abandoned and closed to the public. Despite its subsequent deterioration, the space still retains its sense of holiness and importance. The surrounding neighborhood has also been in a state of transition, adding significance to the building.

For the exhibition, ten artists have been invited into the abandoned space to work both independently and collectively to create, install, and perform pieces that respond to the sanctity of the environment. St. John's is an elusive and unorthodox venue for the arts, and will be explored as a unique site for the duration of the exhibition.

Featured artists include: Antoine Catala, Stephen Collier, Patrick Duncan, Michael Clyde Johnson, Heather Jones, Zaq Landsberg, Sophie T. Lvoff, Santiago Mostyn, Eric Payson, Grant Willing and Alana Celii.

Featured musicians for the closing reception include: Young Man About Town, Patrick Cleandenim, the St. John’s Choir, and others to be announced!

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