Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LaToya Ruby Frazier and Sebrina Fassbender at Higher Pictures

Self Portrait (March 10 am) 2009, © LaToya Ruby Frazier, courtesy of Higher Pictures

From the press release:

Higher Pictures announces a two-person exhibition of Sebrina Fassbender and LaToya Ruby Frazier. Fassbender will exhibit photographs from a five-year exploration of transient women in the 'old' East Village in New York City. Frazier will exhibit a selection of self-portraits, 2005-2009. The exhibition will run from May 14th through June 20th, 2009.


Fassbender spent five years seeking out women who existed within a raw, emotionally sexualized and chaotic space. Responding deeply to the fantasy, unbearable pain and sadness of these women, Fassbender creates her portraits by dressig and psing them in order to make the women more real than the reality of the women themselves.


Frazier uses her art to explore her relationship with her family, similar to artists Doug Dubois and Leigh Ledare. Her photography is unlike that of Eugene Richards in that she is not an editorial photographer, but rather, Frazier is the content and photographer, allowing her mothing to frame and shoot her as a subject. Her work is autobiographical and blurs the line between self-portraitute and social documentary.

LaToya Ruby Frazier / Sebrina Fassbender
May 14 through June 20, 2009
at Higher Pictures

764 Madison Avenue (between 65th/66th street)
New York, NY 10065

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