Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kate Hutchinson

Kate Hutchinson's work deals with her relationship with her fiance.

From her statement:
This series of portraits of my fiancé seeks to explore the unique engagement period of a relationship. Engagements were originally thought of as a time for reflection, questioning and self-examination. A time to determine if the right decisions were being made. In this day and age such self-interrogation is not viewed as appropriate. One is meant to reside in a Hollywoodesque love story where perfection reigns. And yet, everyone has faults. Perhaps their prospective partners play too many video games, they aren’t really so handy around the house or they make jokes at inopportune times. With these images I examine all sides of a personality in a way that only multiple portraits can allow. The many complexities and subtleties that exist in one human being are hinted at. Furthermore, I am allowed into an intimate world where only a fiancé is granted passage. On seeing this series the viewer can comprehend the multifacetedness of us all are and how difficult the decisions are in accepting another person into the rest of our lives.

Kate Hutchinson
Why Am I Marrying Him?
October 9 - 19, 2008
at Visual Voice Gallery
in Montreal, Canada

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