Friday, October 17, 2008

Art in Odd Places- Laura Napier

© Laura Napier

Laura Napier is continuing project for a street corner with live actions/interactions this Friday and Saturday, outside on W 14th Street in Manhattan, as part of Pedestrian - a large show/event during the month of October.

project for a street corner
Laura Napier
A television monitor placed in a street-level cafe window displays live video feed of a nearby busy sidewalk.
The artist and friends appear on camera and carry out a series of actions to highlight and disrupt the ordinary behaviors of pedestrians.

Happening this Friday, October 17 (4-6pm); and also Saturday, October 18 (4-6pm), outside 348 W 14th Street.

see for more info about this show.

PEDESTRIAN During the month of October 2008, the fourth annual Art in Odd Places will present Pedestrian on 14th Street, Manhattan - the great divider between uptown/downtown and highbrow/lowbrow. From the East River to the Hudson River, artists of all mediums will encourage the masses of daily pedestrians to rediscover this corridor of diverse commerce, including Union Square, historical site of social and political activism. Projects will explore connections between public spaces, pedestrian traffic, and ephemeral transient disruptions. Like a scavenger hunt, New Yorkers will use a map to discover art in unexpected places along this amazing street.

participating artists: Ethan Crenson * Eric Doeringer * Alicia Grullón * Terry S. Hardy * Illegal Art * Kenny Komer & Boris Rasin * Michael Knierim * L. Mylott Manning * Renny Molenaar * Aakash Nihalani * Cara Phillips * Jan Lynn Sokota * Margot Spindelman * Elena Stojanova* Benjamin Bellas & Justin Cooper * Matthew Blair * Arielle Falk * Patrick Grenier * Yvette Helin * Sara Holwerda & Nick Tobier * Ken James * Jesse La Flair * Katherine McInnis * Laura Napier * Calla Thompson * Yoonhye Park * Edith Raw * Hayley Severns & Angela Rose * Voulgarelis Illgen * Miryana Todorova & Hatuey Ramos-Fermín * Gretchen Vitamvas * Caroline Woolard

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