Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art for Haiti - LIVE!

Up for Auction: Jane Tam's Grandmother's Swollen Foot and Sweet Potato Leaves © Jane Tam

Nymphoto's Art for Haiti Auction is now live! Please visit:!
We will highlight the work of the artists who so generously donated to this cause, this and also next week. We would like to start by pointing you to our own Jane Tam. Jane is soon heading to Fotofest where her work was selected by Aaron Schuman for the exhibit Whatever is Splendid. Congrats, Jane!

© Jane Tam

Jane Tam
Whatever Was Splendid
Fotofest Biennial 2010, curated by Aaron Schuman
Vine Street Studios
1113 Vine Street
Houston, Texas
March 12 - Apr 25, 2010

NOTE: if you feel like you do not see everyone's work, refresh or come back a little later. Ebay was a bit buggy so it might take a little longer for some works to show up. Don't panic, the auctions runs through March 9th, 2010! You have plenty of opportunity to bid on all that great art work.