Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sasha Wolf Portfolio Review

When Rona and I sat down with Sasha Wolf earlier this year for a Nymphoto Conversations, we left completely inspired. For artists it is rare to get complete access to a gallery owner and even rarer to find someone in that position with whom you can have a real dialogue without pretension.

Sasha said in the interview with us that it is important to her to be a good person, and as I said then, that struck a cord with me. It sounds so simple but it is something that people seem to aspire to less and less. True to character Sasha has been responsive to anyone who sent her work, diligently responding with real feedback, but currently there are so many submissions that she can't keep up.

Luckily Sasha is now offering Portfolio Review Appointments in exchange for a reasonable fee.

I asked Sasha if I could blog about this, because I think that this is a very valuable resource for professional artists.

Sasha, a successful filmmaker herself, understands the struggles artists face but furthermore as a gallery owner she also comprehends the other side, which - in my opinion- makes her feedback extremely helpful. She is also honest but never mean and always constructive.

Rona offered her testimonial:

"Sasha Wolf has been a mentor and friend to me over the last year. With each body of work I have shown her, Sasha has been remarkably dedicated to looking thoroughly at the images. Her attention to the work and the response she formulates is one that is critical, honest, comprehensive, and sincere. Her guidance is invaluable."

You can contact Sasha Wolf to arrange a review at: or call the gallery to make an appointment at: 212.925.0025

You can read our Nymphoto Conversation with Sasha here.


Lane said...

Wow, I would so love to do this. I would sign up immediately if I were in NYC. Maybe next time I visit.

nina said...

I think Sasha likes to talk to people in person, but I bet she is also open to receiving via mail/fedex and reviewing it over the phone :)