Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photocentric Blogs Powered By Women

amy stein
amy elkins
brea souders
ground glass
hee jin kang
i heart photograph
jane tam
juliana's lovely land of neurosis
liz kuball
look underfoot
marketing photos with virgina swanson
my four eyed fantasy
nina corvallo
photo attorney
pink elephants
plum and lion
rachel hulin
zoe strauss
zoum zoum

We are sure we forgot someone, so post your suggestions!


Sara said...

The Hey, Hot Shot! blog!
Thanks for the post about Yijun Liao by the way. We're really excited about her work!

brea said...

Elizabeth Fleming writes a great photography-centered blog called 'Tethered' -

Liz said...

A Photo Blog and Slightly Lucid by Aislinn Leggett
Heather Morton Art Buyer
Jennifer Loeber
Kate Hutchinson
Superficial Snapshots by Allison V. Smith
Tethered by Elizabeth Fleming

Liz said...

Thanks for the shout-out, by the way! And sorry for duplicating Elizabeth's blog. Brea posted her comment while I was putting mine together. But Elizabeth's so good she's worth repeating! :)

nina said...

Thank you ,Ladies! Keep 'em coming, we'll post an updated list in a couple of days!

nina said...

Rona Chang said...

Justine Reyes-
Sarah Sudhoff-

Emily Shur said...

As always, thanks buddy. There is also Feature Shoot by Alison Zavos. She has featured myself, Susana Raab, Julia Baum, and lots of other women photographers.

Elizabeth Fleming said...

Thanks for recommending my blog, Brea and Liz, much appreciated! I wanted to put a good word in for subjectify,, it's fantastic (Lexi's identity remains a bit elusive, but I know she's a woman).

Here are some others:
Mel Trittin:
Melanie Flood:
Sonja Thomsen:
Stella Kalaw:

Elizabeth Fleming said...

Also forgot to mention Suzanne Revy: