Sunday, April 27, 2008

Women in The Arts

While perusing the Magnum Blog I came across a posting from last year in regard to the Inge Morath Award. In this post from March 8, 2007 Magnum also linked to the Magnum mulitmedia essay Woman's Day.
A discussion in the comments section ensued that examined the implication of singling out the contribution of women to photography. It is an interesting read and sheds some light on this complex issue, one that we have struggled with at Nymphoto as well: we do not like the idea of exclusivity per se and 'shutting out' one gender, on the other hand to us it is fact that women still face much bias and additional obstacles -- not just in photography - and thus Nymphoto hopes to address some of the issues and give support to its members (and female photographer in general).
See the post & comments here.

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