Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Honore Brown, Associate Picture Editor, The New Yorker
Stacey Clarkson, Art Director, Harper's
Kris Graves, Director, Kris Graves Projects
Jackie Ladner, Assistant Photo Editor, New York Magazine
Russell Lord, Fellow, Department of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Andrea Meislin, Director, Andrea Meislin Gallery
Tracey Norman, Director, Yancey Richardson Gallery
Amy Stein, Photographer
Sasha Wolf, Director, Sasha Wolf Gallery
Denise Wolff, Editor, Aperture

June 27 / 11:00 - 6:00 / $325

Twice a year The Exhibition Lab will gather a few of the greats in the field to host portfolio reviews for our students. The review will consist of three 20-minute reviews with four of the 10 reviewers listed above. Although we cannot promise, please indicate your top four choices of reviewers and we will take that into consideration.

A "Free Pass Award" based on merit will be given by The Exhibition Lab staff to one applicant which will waive the tuition for the portfolio review. Two "Reviewers' Choice" scholarships will be awarded at the end of the review good for one complimentary Seminar at The Ex Lab.

Stay for the "review after party" where all the artists and reviewers will have the opportunity to meet each other.

To apply, please provide the following materials via

1. A written description of your work, no more than 100 words
2. 10 jpegs sent either in a zip file or attached to an e-mail (jpegs should be 72 dpi and 6 inches at the largest dimension.)

Deadline for submission is June 12th. Artists will be notified of acceptance by June 14th. Payment is due upon acceptance. There is no cost to apply.

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