Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picture(s) of the Week: Sarah Sudhoff

Suicide with Gun, Male, 40 years old (I) © Sarah Sudhoff

Illness, Female, 60 years old © Sarah Sudhoff

Suicide with Gun, Male, 40 years old (II) © Sarah Sudhoff

Heart attack, Male, 50 years old (III) © Sarah Sudhoff

This week we are sharing some images from Sarah Sudhoff's new series At the Hour of Our Death. While confrontational in nature, these fluid stained surfaces are somehow poetic as they linger in your thoughts. Here's a snippet from her statement.

These large-scale color photographs capture and fully illuminate swatches of bedding, carpet and upholstery marked with the signs of the passing of human life. The fabrics which are first removed by a trauma scene clean up crew, are relocated to a warehouse before being incinerated. It is in the warehouse that I photograph these fragments stained with bodily fluids. I tack each swatch to the wall and use the crew’s floodlights to illuminate the scene. The images are my attempt to slow the moments before and after death to a single frame, to allow what is generally invisible to become visible, and to engage with a process from which we have become disconnected.

You can read more about this body of work here and here. Sarah's work can be found on sarahsudhoff.com and At the Hour of Our Death can be seen on her blog sarahsudhoff.blogspot.com.

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