Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go-Go Gadget: Take Notice

I was walking around my neighborhood recently, thinking about all the little stores and restaurants that have gone out of business, giving way for designer boutiques and restaurants. Over the years, the visual landscape of the neighborhood has really changed. It got me thinking about how things are recorded over time. In people's minds, through photos, online... Here's a game that is played by noticing things around you when you're out and about in a neighborhood. is a game where players are awarded points for things like spotting the first thing in a neighborhood, or noticing something every day for a week. You play by snapping a photo and uploading it to Flickr, tagging it with 'noticings' and geotagged with where they were taken.

It's a fun way to start paying more attention to what's around you and documenting someplace that might not be there someday.

via Digital Urban

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