Friday, October 23, 2009

Visual Op-Ed: Kerry Mansfield

Recently while researching women photographers for a project I came across the work of Kerry Mansfield (tx, Jane Tam & Lenscratch).
Kerry is an artist with a strong vision and an assured sense of space coupled with a superb color palette. See her work at and look for our interview with Kerry as part of the Nymphoto Conversations series in the weeks to come.

But today I wanted to share a different body of work by Kerry Mansfield's.
Aftermath is very personal, incredibly frank, courageous and will not leave you untouched.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Go get checked, check yourself. Remind your friends and family to get checked. Help raise awareness.

Aftermath © Kerry Mansfield


s. cousin said...

This is a very powerful piece of work. Very confrontational, not only the subjects but the photographer also. The backround, the clinical blue, the square tiles - a very powerful piece of work indeed!

Anonymous said...

truly powerful.