Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nymphoto Shows & Book

We at last finished the final revisions to Nymphoto Books: Conversations Vol. 1 and it is off to the presses! We are so excited and labored extensively over this project.
The book will go on sale the day of the opening of the accompanying show at Sasha Wolf Gallery May 6, 2009. See you there!

We have received a lot of inquiries about when we will announce the line-up for the second show. Well, we are almost there! We are putting much thought and great effort in curating the most dynamic and exciting show possible. It's been a great experience and it has been invaluable to have Sasha by our side guiding us in this process and it looks like this will be a really exciting show.

The collective spirit at Nymphoto is high. It has been a tremendous amount of work for us all but it is also very rewarding and it feels very positive to be part of an active artist initiative -- and to create outlets for our work and that of other fellow women artists.

So please stay tuned! More news to follow very soon.

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