Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Conversation with Alison Brady

A photo editor friend first introduced me to the work of Alison Brady by taking me to Alison's first solo show in Chelsea a couple of years back.
Alison's work is the kind of work you want to look at more than once, because it might not be what you at first think it is. Alison in this interview generously talks about her process.

© Alison Brady

Nymphoto: Tell us about yourself.

Alison Brady: I am a Brooklyn based artist; I am represented by Massimo Audiello. My work can been seen in the current issue of Eyemazing Magazine.
Originally from Cleveland Ohio, I have been living in New York now for almost 6 years now. I lived in Los Angles for about a year but didn’t really find it was right for me.
I went to The School of Visual Arts for my MFA.
I currently live in Bushwick with my boyfriend, our dog a lab/ pit mix named Tyrone and a small cat named Dr. Girlfriend.

© Alison Brady

NP: How did you discover photography?

AB:Coming from Cleveland, Ohio there is a lot of open space and free time. In High School I started to set up these strange/ surreal sets and then I would have friends interact in this space- it was more like photographing a performance piece. Thing were often set on fire, a lot of masks were used and I would buy a lot of strange props from a local thrift store.
During this same period in my life and into early college I was making a lot of sculptures, I lot of them I would use in the images I would create.

© Alison Brady

NP: Where do you find inspiration?

AB: Some ideas are from my own neurosis, some are from realities I observe in day-to-day life. What I find most disturbing is the subtle distortion of something I can relate to, or something that is closest to me.
Often just simple daily routines can bring about a variety of ideas. One day while riding the subway, there was this large ad for the removal of varicose veins. That unnerved feeling that one gets when the familiar (something as familiar as your own body –your legs) turns alien and frightening.

© Alison Brady

In this image the woman has small balloons stuffed inside her stocking. These balloons are not directly supposed to reference veracious veins. And it is not necessary of the viewer to understand exactly what I was thinking when I was making the image. I believe it might even rob the image of its mystery.
I am attempting to evoke these elements of the familiar and the unknown, manipulating the everyday into the surreal. The use of simple props such as fishing wire, bed sheets, salami serving to illustrate the inner workings of the unconscious. The meeting of two random elements coming together to create a whole new relevance
How do your projects come about?
I am constantly working on new ideas, it is important for me as an artist to explore every idea that comes to me even if later its ends up on the cutting room floor.

© Alison Brady

NP: What’s next?

AB: I have another solo show at Massimo Audiello Gallery. And I have been making a lot of new work for it. I am so very excited. The opening is tonight Jan. 8th 2009 from 6-9 pm. Please come by.

NP: Congratulations and thank you!

You can see more of Alison Brady’s work at and in person at Massimo Audiello Gallery at 526 West 26th Street No 519 in New York.

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