Saturday, March 20, 2010

Go-Go Gadget: Harinezumi 2

The Harinezumi 2. That just sounds cool. And it is, it's the new movie camera made by Superheadz in Tokyo. Their new-and-improved version now has audio and shoots at 640x480.

There's a very dreamy quality to the film, like old super-8 and retro plastic cameras.

Yesterday, New Museum in NYC teamed up with Powershovel Ltd for the event "Imperfect as You Are", featuring work done with the Harinezumi 2. Artists included Agnes B, So Yong Kim, Bruce La Bruce, Harmony Korine, Isabel Coixet, Patrice Leconte, Claire Denis, Albert Maysles, Christopher Doyle, Jonas Mekas, Mount Eerie, Erroll Morris, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chan-Wook Park, Kim Gordon amongst others.

via Poketo and New Museum

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