Friday, March 13, 2009

click! photography changes everything - Call for entries

Organized by the Smithsonian Photography Initiative (SPI) as a series of integrated programs, click! photography changes everything invites the public to consider ways in which photography enables us to see, experience, and interact with the world.

click! invites experts from a spectrum of professional worlds—innovators, image makers, writers, and public figures—to survey the ways photography has influenced the history, progress, and practice of each of their fields of interest. These commentaries and their related images reveal how photographs are encoded with information and values, and how the meaning of images depends on the needs and perspectives we bring to them.

This month’s focus is on celebrating Women’s History Month in March, so the Smithsonian is seeking entries exploring the role of women both historically and today. From how photographs of women played a part in the Women’s Rights Movement to how photography celebrates, captures, or challenges what it means to be a woman, click! wants photographs and stories on everything that has and does shape the female experience. Additionally, starting on March 9th, we will be featuring portraits of women scientists, artists, and leaders on the Smithsonian Commons. You are encouraged to share your own personal photo and story or write about a photo from the Smithsonian Commons.

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