Friday, May 16, 2008

1st NY Photo Awards Winners Annouced

Editorial - series
Paula Bronstein

Editorial - single (tie)
Ibraheen Abu Mustafa
Adem Hadei

Personal work/fine art - series
Edgar Martins

Personal work/fine art - single
Jessica Todd Harper

Advertising - series
John Offenbach

Advertising - single
Jason Bell

Photography book
Amy Stein

Multimedia photo/audio (tie)
Ed Kashi
Jessica Dimmock

Multimedia video/audio

Student editorial - series
Tobias Kruse

Student editorial - single
Gratiane de Moustier

Student personal work/fine art - series
Anna Skladmann

Student personal work/fine art - single
Alana Celii

Student photography book
Tiana Markova-Gold

A lot more male photographers were nominated than women photographers, but in the end the women photographers made out very well -- more than half the winners were women!

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