Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SAA wins 'Best of 2007' award from Stock Asylum

The best non-profit organization: Stock Artists Alliance. (via SAA website)

Through no fault of their own, stock photographers have during the last decade lost a voice in stock industry affairs. Technological and other changes essentially placed all meaningful decision-making power into the hands of a few executives. In the long run, this has been good for no one, including the privileged distributors for whom these executive work.

Sapped of its vitality, the traditional stock photo industry has stagnated. It enters 2008 in a position that is so weak the top executive at a leading company suggests he is "realistic" about growth in his company's core product.

For a small organization with modest funding, Stock Artists Alliance (SAA) was a significant force in the stock industry this year. The organization of stock photographers was able to muster a number of photographers' trade groups to collectively exert meaningful pressure on stock distributors.

Because of SAA, photographers again had a modest voice in industry affairs. And the entire industry will be better for it.

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